Gadaffi’s death and the US lies5 min read

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Gadaffi’s death and the US lies5 min read

Gadaffi, truth and the lies of the US authorities

Gadaffi is dead, abuse of power of democracy are living longer. May God cry shame down of our heads and hearts. With U.S., the UK’s, France’s and the norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre’s blessing was Gadaffi brutally murdered. Ceaucescu and his wife, but Saddam Hussein got at least a cursory trial, while at the Gadaffi’s death, culture, civilization and dignity was forgotten. Norwegian tax money was spent to protect the civilian citizens’ lives in Libya. This has costed between 50 – and 100,000 people’s lives and is far from over. It seems as though our own Secretary of State does not have his sense of reality in good shape anylonger, as he goes out with a statement to protect civilian lives. It was not what it was all about. It was not terrorism, not civilian life.

Our minister uses lies. I do not know (yet) why it should be necessary?

But we are indeed closer to the truth when we realize that France got 30% of oil reserves in Libya as thanks for their efforts. The French Foreign Minister Alain Juppé thought the French effort was worth it, he said. We still do not know what England got, but certainly not less. Clear is that NATO was used for this purpose. They did initiated this war, and Norway participated. The US had their own terrorists in the midst of the rebel council, from the beginning. They had secured the bay and both ends.

France gets 1 / 3 of the Libyan oil –

Now we may see all the horrible photos of Gadaffi’s the way to death. I guess the US are proud. When we think back to last images of a terrorist was denied shown, the (alleged) killing Bin Ladens, because the photos were too terrble for the public, mrs Clinton stated. But it was not even the beginning of the truth. It was a political fraud. In the same way as claiming to want to protect the civilians in Libya have been a deception.

The following events confirms this: Between battles in Libya were insurgents created a new central bank:

This type of bank was also established by the Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq after the americans arrived. Perhaps our minister Gahr Støre knew this? We do not for one moment believe that this new central bank is owned by the Libyan people or others who stood close to the people, but first and foremost the United States that already have their straws into the flow of money belonging to somebody else. Only a few years ago, Gadaffi is a close ally in the fight against terrorism. In 2008, Libyan banks owned by Gadaffi was supported by the U.S. central bank, the Federal Reserve, to survive the economic crisis. A year later, Gadaffi visits by senior U.S. politicians, including John McCain, Joe Lieberman, Linsey Graham, Susan Collins and others.

Quote article in The New American:

«The Senators Expressed appreciation for Libya’s counter terrorism cooperation in the region, the cable noted. In one of the discussions Libya were characterized as an important ally in the fight against terrorism, the common enemies make better friendships, said Joe Lieberman. Senator McCain promised that the U.S. would deliver (military) equipment so that it could defend its security. The peculiarity is that the terrorists (LIFG) previously pursued by the U.S., is now the center of Tripoli rebel council:

«Today, however, the situation is much different. The founder of the LIFG once Arrested and tortured by U.S. official for the terrorism allegations is now actually in charge of the Tripoli Military Council. Count Less Other Islamic militants Gadhafi once helped suppress with American assistance Also Played Key Roles in the Western-supported regime-change operation. Soon They Might Be in charge of the whole North African nation. «

To me it means that it was not the socalled «terrorism» that was important. It was something else.

What actually happened is a spiral of violence initiated by the U.S. based on 9/11 and the Terrorist Act. But it is a carefully orchestrated and intelligent political game. Each event is carefully thought out, for they have no possibility of larger errors. As far as I can understand the CFR (the country’s richest men and women), the CIA and its military is involved. They’re going to keep on their plans until they are beeing stopped.

Who was a central figure among the Libyan rebels?

One of them is called Ali Tarhouni. Event presented him the 18th of June 2011 as the rebels’ finance manager:

Some of his biography appears on Wikipedia. Seattle Times writes 24/3-2011 that he has been professor of economics at Washington University and that he has been there since 1986, ie for 25 years.

Professor of Economics:

He was born in Libya in 1951, escaped in 1973, aged 22, his master’s degree in economics at Michigan State University in 1978, 25 years old and a doctoral degree at the same university in 1983, 32 years old. Clearly, a very alert and intelligent man. In 2011 he traveled to Libya as a rebel, 60 years old. I suppose he has worked closely with the CIA ever since he arrived from Libya and stands today in the new Central Bank and is responsible for the Libyan economy. He came back in March. This means that this bank is closely linked to America’s needs. For me he is the living proof of the US and CIA’s involvement and true purposes in this war.

Ali Tarhouni says the Times on August 28, 2011:

See Hilary Clinton’s response here:

Here is a video where Gadaffi points to America’s attitude towards their partners. One day the friend, the next day his friend killed. See a longer excerpt of Gadaffis speech here:

Hear an interview with the Argentine writer Adrian Salbuchi about Libya, gulldinares and Gadaffi’s death:

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