Mahathir Bin Mohamad, intervju fra Hardtalk i BBC oktober 20181 min read

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Mahathir Bin Mohamad, intervju fra Hardtalk i BBC oktober 20181 min read

Mahathir Bin Mohamad, Malaysias statsleder, født 1925, har alltid sagt tydelig hva han mener. Dette har nok også ført hevnaksjoner med seg. Her er et intervju fra Hardtalk i BBC.

Malaysian PM says Jews are responsible for Troubles in the Middle East – causes furore in Australia!

[Also think about the weird things that have happened to Malaysian airlines in recent years! The Jews detest the Malaysians because they are mostly Muslims, and Malaysia has 200 million people! This is why whites must not be fooled into thinking we have enemies. If we stood firmly against the Jews, we’d have billions of supporters in the non-white world. Never listen to a Jews’ «advice” to white people.

BTW, the Malaysian PM calls himself “a proud anti-semite”. If only whites can begin having the same attitude, instead of crawling on their hands and knees to the Jews.

What is also excellent is that the PM does not buy into the lie about how many Jews were killed during the mythical WW2 holocaust.

A South African supporter in Australia sent me this saying that these statements caused a furore in Australia. Whites need to stop being weak wusses over this Jew nonsense. It shows you how clearly whites are firmly locked into Jewish money control. Its ridiculous. Start thinking like a white man for goodness sakes. Jan]

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