Kevin Galalae and Covid19 Lectures2 min read

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Kevin Galalae and Covid19 Lectures2 min read

Kevin Mugur Galalae

Kevin Mugur Galalae er født i Romania og har engasjert seg i sentrale spørsmål som overbefolkning, diskriminering og pandemier o.a. Han er i førtiårene, og har to barn og har skrevet flere bøker. Hør hans engasjement her om bedraget Covid19. Følgende brev mottok jeg:

Death Threat

This morning I received the first death threat in about three years. It is no coincidence, as it comes just as I fully exposed the true purpose of the pandemic through my series of videos.

Part One: The Pandemic Illusion

Part Two: Why Fake a Pandemic?

Part Three: The Pandemic Cure for Overconsumption

Part Four: The Pandemic Cure for Overpopulation

Part Five: The Pandemic Front for Decarbonization

The death threat came from the account of Nada Grana, which is undoubtedly a fake account. What has angered governments and all those involved in the plandemic is that I escaped their digital prison by reaching out to the mainstream and alternative media worldwide. For the past two days, I have spent countless hours sending my video series to media outlets in all corners of the world and that spells the end of the decarbonization by plandemic strategy. I am not afraid of dying and I am not intimidated by threats, prison, poverty, separation form loved ones, or the lifelong separation from my children. The criminals who govern us and their lapdogs should have understood this by now. That they haven’t shows how desperate they have become. The truth cannot be stopped and I am its torchbearer and will remain so until it prevails and sets us free.

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