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  • Kommentar fra ZetaTalk:

    «The elite in the establishment, desperate to maintain control while the populace learns about the presence and pending passage of Nibiru, not only want to keep the lockdowns in place but want to expand them to a global lockdown. Thus the release of the new variant Omicron, designed to be highly infectious. While Graphene Oxide in the vax is known, causing magnets to stick
    to the vax site, Graphene Oxide is used in vaccines for «targeted drug delivery» and is a temporary effect. Graphene Oxide degrades chemically to produce Graphene Hydroxide, which is not benign.

    A side effect of this Graphene Hydroxide which cannot be hidden is the sudden heart attacks among the young, as these deaths appear before large crowds at sports events or are televised on TV. These heart attacks remain unexplained. Dr. Noack was detailing the process, which the elite in the establishment are desperate to hide. As has been noted by Noack, any injection into a vein will go directly to the heart and the clotting and bleeding resulting from rapidly degrading Graphene Oxide will create a heart attack situation. Thus Dr. Noack was quickly assassinated and thus martyred.

    Is this a permanent situation? We have stated that all side effects of the various vaccinations for Covid-19 will prove to be temporary, within months. The insistence on boosters is to force lockdowns and Covid passports, the control the elite desperately seek. That boosters can exhaust the immune system is considered a bonus by the elite. Graphene Oxide and Hydroxide are chemicals that react to other chemicals and degrade during this process. They do not retain their original structure, thus do not linger for years to eventually kill the patient.»

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